The roboStacker®
The roboStacker® is a light and compact handling robot, designed to suit most applications and environments. The roboStacker® is mounted on a gantry, which makes the solution unique and very flexible. The gantry provides a wide working range (modules of 6 m), which results in more pallet stations - compared to rotating robots.

Easy to program.
Built of standard components (World Wide delivery).
Common control system (robo-controller + PLC).
PackML standard compatible.
All programming according to IEC Standard.
Standard Fieldbuser for external I/O, sensors, valves, motors:
  • Profibus
Standard Ethernet communication with:
  • Production control system
  • Scada System
  • etc.

Graphic interface for generating palletizing patterns.
  • Standard add-on software
Internet connection.
  • Diagnostics: Remote Service
Graphic HMI remote control (color touch screen).
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